About us

Our goal is to create an affordable network of wedding salons where brides could not only choose and purchase a dress, but also get professional advice. We are radically changing the concept of the wedding salon: we are looking for an individual approach to each bride, we take into account and take into account all her preferences. No matter how uncertain the bride is about her desires, we will offer different options until we find the perfect one.

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Our consultants are professionals in their field. We are responsible for their choice, as they are the "face" of our salons. At the beginning of her work, each consultant girl is trained by more experienced colleagues - she learns the basics of communicating with brides, gets acquainted with the assortment, studies all kinds of styles and models of dresses. This allows them to become the best in their field - they will be able to advise the bride on the issue of interest to her and help choose the best models for her. Brides do not have to spend a lot of time trying on – consultants will do everything in order to save their time as much as possible and at the same time achieve a high-quality result.

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Choosing a wedding dress is an enchanting moment. In our salon, the bride will be able to try on images that will emphasize her individuality.

But we are not limited to the range that is available. And like no one else we know that the tastes of each girl are absolutely individual - sometimes none of the dresses offered by us fully corresponds to her preferences. Then we set ourselves a new goal - to create an individual dress model that combines all the wishes of the bride.

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А в случае необходимости, мастера нашего собственного ателье смогут укоротить длину и подогнать платье под особенности Вашей фигуры.

Примерки в нашем салоне бесплатны, но по предварительной записи. Мы ценим Ваше время и ищем индивидуальный подход к каждой невесте.